The Art of ChangeTM - A Handbook for Leading Effective Social Change

For nearly 30 years, author and consultant Ken Hubbell has helped nonprofits, communities, state agencies, private foundations and coalitions learn how to create social change by developing sustainable roadmaps to growth. Both an instructor and a student of leadership, he has seen firsthand the influence visionary leadership can have in creating resilient organizations that respond with positivity and enthusiasm for the future in an ever-changing world.

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As practitioners, we often take time to distill the important lessons that emerged from our partnerships to expand opportunity, justice, and community. Here, you will find the things you need to prepare yourself and your team for the challenges of navigating change in a volatile world. Since we regularly create stunning conceptual graphics in our client work, we share in the Gallery of Change Mapping Graphics examples of how we practice the Art of Change.

Top Picture Credit:   Ken Hubbell: Changing Altitude  - Oil on Canvas (2015)