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Visual Storytelling & Strategy

Visual Storytelling & Strategy

Ken Hubbell is a practiced graphic recorder and facilitator bringing together powerful visuals and discerning storytelling to enrich strategic dialogue and planning. He calls this integration The Art of Change(TM).

By capturing on wall-sized murals the essence of a strategic thinking or planning retreat, Hubbell draws out the most powerful and lasting insights into compelling Storyboards, Strategy Guides, Action Maps or Business Model Frameworks. 

The sheer size, clarity, and imaginative visual metaphors help leaders maintain strategic focus and commitment while they are immersed in real-time change-making. These storyboards become the building blocks for communicating strategic vision, key challenges and collective direction; they pave the way for effective action and graphic dashboards. Often, we embed quick portrait sketches of key participants, and panelists to connect people with their ideas and to reflect the human diversity at the center of important change processes.

We incorporated visual storytelling for diverse clients including technology and predictive analytics companies, progressive foundations, national networks of community colleges, and dozens of universities, hospital systems, and social impact organizations. Here are just a few examples:

·  Achieving the Dream - Colesville, MD

·  Aristotle, Inc. - Little Rock, AR

·  Bush Foundation - St. Paul, MN

·  Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation Ventures - Eagle Butte, SD

·  Cromwell Architects/Engineers, Inc. - Little Rock, AR

·  Health East Care System - USA

·  LeapXL - Little Rock, AR

·  MDC, Inc. - Chapel Hill, NC

·  Northwest Area Foundation - St. Paul, MN

·  Public Broadcasting Systems (PBS) - Alexandria, VA

·  Scott Family Amazeum - Bentonville, AR

·  University of Alaska - Fairbanks and Anchorage, AK

·  University of Namibia - Windhoek, Namibia, Africa

·  University of Wisconsin-Whitewater - Whitewater, WI

·  W. K. Kellogg Foundation - Battle Creek, MI


In 2017, we founded ActionCraft Company, where we’re transforming ideas into insightful, inspiring pictures and animated videos to catalyze action on big and gnarly challenges. Faced with a lack of time and an overload of information, people need the clarity to remember the big ideas, ask the right questions and advance meaningful actions with others. Visit our website website to learn more about our compelling process!

All through 2020, ActionCraft Company has worked with transformative leaders keeping their eyes and intentions focused on what really matters, never getting lost in the swirling present, finding pivots to a better future, sharing a convincing message of change and new possibilities amidst crisis and loss, and redrawing bold roadmaps for the future.


We also incorporate visual thinking technologies in many of our strategic facilitations to engage participants in design thinking and system mapping processes that produce breakthrough ideas. Working in real time with leaders we produce strategic graphics to convey the central concepts, challenges, or priorities. Here are a few recent graphics that illustrate the challenges, the stories, and the people with whom we have been working:

‍College leaders working on collective impact around equity at 2017 DREAM conference in San Francisco
Conceptual sketch about engaging partners in a common destiny for Native community leaders at learning meeting with Northwest Area Foundation in South Dakota.
‍Finished poster for United Methodist Conference leaders illustrating emerging options from a weeklong planning retreat for engaged faith leaders facilitated by Amy Batiste.
‍Portraits of young community college student leaders working on educational equity challenges at the 2017 DREAM conference in San Francisco.
‍Mural capturing University of Alaska’s emerging priorities to reinvigorate the state’s social and economic transformation in an era of constrained natural resources and shrinking public funds for education.
‍Visual storyboard about key leadership competencies on adaptive change for Bush Foundation leaders at learning meeting in Minneapolis.

Our Friends Have Great Things to Say

Ken, your willingness to share your unique gift for visual translation through long days is, in turn, a gift to all…. I am not surprised to hear that Gary and Ken did such a good job; isn't it fun to see one two brothers in action?! Seeing Ken's drawings is wonderful!

Susan Foley and Susan Ruddy

The Art of Change Applied

Top Picture Credit: Ken Hubbell:



Oil on Canvas (2017)