Developing Resilient Clients

For nearly 30 years, author and consultant Ken Hubbell has helped nonprofits, charitable foundations, public agencies, innovative businesses, Native and Indigenous leaders, and grassroots coalitions learn how to increase social change. We work intensely with our clients to dramatically improve post-secondary education, community and public health, and community vitality

Our consulting work expands the power and toolkits of visionary leadership teams, creating organizations that respond with positivity and enthusiasm for the future in an ever-changing world. We Adapt and share principles from visual arts, literature, and living systems to strengthen the resilient capacity of our client partners. We nurture long-term learning relationships with our closest clients in these categories. (Representative clients are included for each.)

Strategic Philanthropy

We have worked extensively with philanthropy leaders, boards, and core teams to frame long-term impact strategy and and to engage partners and grantees in significant learning efforts

Nonprofit-Social Impact Organizations

We have deep experience working with leadership groups across the social sector in designing, planning, and adapting long-term change initiatives addressing population health, poverty, and injustice; and in reshaping prevailing practices around well-being, community resilience, and fair opportunities for people struggling in our society.

Innovative Private Firms

KHA works with selected private firms to illuminate business trends, strengthen business models and improve strategic action that produces increased profitability.

Public Sector Institutions

Ken Hubbell & Associates provides strategic services aimed at increasing engagement with core stakeholders and accelerating the positive impacts delivered by public institutions and agencies in the areas of post-secondary education, community and public health, and comprehensive community development

Cultural and Tribal Centers

Our firm works respectfully to provide strategic insight, visual storytelling and planning, and cross-cultural learning as partners with cultural communities, indigenous peoples, and Tribal agencies.


Top Picture Credit: Ken Hubbell: Be Like Water: Bubble Up - Oil on Canvas (2016)