About Ken

Ken Hubbell, Founder & President

Ken Hubbell, Founder & President with one of his artistic renderings.

Ken Hubbell is Founder and President of Ken Hubbell & Associates (KHA), a consulting firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Established in 1992, the KHA specializes in business and organizational development, change coaching, and strategic planning. Clients include charitable, regional and community foundations, nonprofit organizations, city governments, state and federal agencies, educational institutions, and select private companies.

Ken has over twenty years of experience developing resilient organizations and communities and specializes in highly visual strategy tools and systems thinking. Ken has a wide range of experience with multi-stakeholder collaboration, social innovation, economic development, business strategy, and equitable approaches to grassroots civic participation and poverty alleviation. He has worked in urban neighborhoods, rural regions, and in Namibia (in southern Africa).

In 2017, Ken founded ActionCraft Company, where we’re transforming ideas into insightful, inspiring pictures and animated videos to catalyze action on big and gnarly challenges.

His foundation clients include W. K. Kellogg, Northwest Area, Winthrop Rockefeller, Walton Family foundations, the Foundation for the Mid South. Ken provides on-going consulting and coaching services to national nonprofits including Trillium Family Services (Portland), Health East Care System (St. Paul), Hamilton Health Sciences Center (Hamilton, Ontario) and MDC, Inc. in North Carolina, which provides wise strategic thinking to the field of philanthropy.

Ken has experience designing social solutions to complex problems (Native leaders and private foundations collaborating on social enterprise and governance in Indian Country across the upper Northwest; empowering vulnerable communities to redesign the future and long-term health of their neighborhoods; and coaching collaboration among diverse stakeholders to accelerate Native and Latino post-secondary and career success across the U. S.), adapting organization strategy to impact whole systems (ecosystem and force-field mapping, scenario building to rehearse futures and test strategy for foundations and natural resource, health, arts, and hunger relief organizations), and facilitating new business model development and learning for private tech firms.

Ken is the author of The Art of Change: A Handbook for Leading Effective Social Change (2012), A Field Guide to Community Coaching (2010) and other publications. He's also written What’s Love Got to Do with Philanthropy and other insightful scenario essays on the future of nonprofit organizations for monographs edited by Gary J. Hubbell which focus on discovering new meaning in the application of philanthropy in our times.

Top Picture Credit: Ken Hubbell: Radiate - Oil on Canvas (2015)