Our Work Helped Move the Needle! 

We have deep experience working with leadership groups across the social sector in designing, planning, and adapting long-term change initiatives addressing poverty and injustice and in reshaping prevailing practices around well-being, community resilience, and fair opportunities for people struggling in our society. During the last 25 years, our work generated some big ripples - many that continue to positively improve the needle of opportunity and well-being for people with limited resources. 

We are grateful to have provided strategic consulting roles in efforts that: 

  • ‍Accelerated grassroots community change solutions across the Mississippi Delta that were led by local social entrepreneurs being supported by
  • ‍Improved health care access and services in St. Paul, MN, Hamilton, Canada, and behavioral health systems in Oregon and established sustained cross-sector collaboration in those regions that is increasing health and well-being outcomes.
  • ‍Supported through collective learning practices a network of more than 300 change agents that are coaching and facilitating community renewal across the country. We also co-facilitated with Gary Hubbell annual strategic leadership learning networks for leaders in health, higher education, and rural development; this generated a strong body of distinctive perspectives on social change and impact.
  • ‍Sustained the work of nonprofit groups so they could reinvest several million dollars to increase affordable housing, strengthen food support systems, and expand effective policies for low-income families.
  • ‍Shaped innovative business strategies for a few select firms in the internet technology and assisted living sectors
  • ‍Increased the environment for enhanced collaboration between Native leaders and philanthropies serving Native communities
  • ‍Supported community-directed strategies to improve the postsecondary pipelines in a dozen major U.S. cities for Latinos and for single parents in several regions.

Our Friends Have Great Things to Say

"I haven't had the opportunity to tell you what a great contribution you are making to the Native Round Tables. You are in precisely the right place to help make a significant and lasting impact. It is obvious to me that your heart is with this effort. As usual, you have demonstrated a deep commitment and passion for this work. You are truly a valued member of the team and we appreciate your direct contributions and sage advice. The hand drawn version of the graphic has received some good feedback concerning its usefulness and your talents in producing it. I want you to know how much I appreciate the 2030 Vision graphic. I am using it to convey the broad systems approach and how we can model the behavior we want other foundations to follow in supporting various segments of the model."

Anthony L. Genia
Senior Program Officer (ret.) - Northwest Area Foundation

"Thank you for supporting us and also doing the heavy lifting of creating a greater depth of shared vision."

Kathryn Correia
President and CEO - HealthEast Care System

"I’ve been meaning to get back in touch to let you that we are continuing to get great results with our board as a result of the strategy meeting. Everyone is much more aligned and it has made our jobs so much easier!"

Amy Sawyer
General Manager - Information Network of Arkansas

The Art of Change Applied

Top Picture Credit: Ken Hubbell:

Be Like Water: Bubble Up


Oil on Canvas (2016)