Charting Success Inside a Kaleidoscope: Four Potential Scenarios

If the early 2020s are shaped by continued polarization with disparate economic opportunity in an era of worrisome health and climate signals, we may have to navigate a Kaleidoscopic world! How will you adapt fast and make a mark in these possible futures?

Uplift Scenario

A period of strong growth coupled with breakthrough health security. There could be a spirit of optimism and widespread determination though the news may be filled with lurking shadows—like global tension or climate danger signals.

Treadmill Scenario

A transitional time, perhaps triggered by sluggish rebuilding after the 2020 recession. Firms, organizations and workers with limited resources or hard luck may be stuck, nervously running in place or trying to re-start previous success.

Burn Zone Scenario

A period of strong hiring and investment that fragments into disruptive patterns from increasingly fractious and polarized behavior. This could play out from a recurring virus upheaval or from nagging mental health troubles that outstrip a strained social support system.

Disorder Scenario

A time of extended economic and political turmoil that rattles people and everyday business. For most, any kind of thriving could be quite difficult, especially if contagious viruses persist and recovery stalls.

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