Consulting Expertise

Sharpen Strategy

Gaining penetrating fresh insights about your business triggers strategic clarity—the building block for deeper impact on your promise to the world. We understand how leaders work through challenges to collaborate, innovate, and sustain important strategies. We expand strategic capacity and development by employing scenarios, system thinking and mapping. Throughout our partnership, we customize our strategic processes to meet the needs of individual clients. 

Our Process and Palette 

Clarify the Context: Early phases of any strategic process involve an assessment of the history, assets, culture and current dynamics. We map the key variables in your operations and identify the health of the current business and its operating environment. We employ imaginative scenario thinking sessions to tease out different futures and their implications for your business. 

Going Deeper: The purpose of this phase of the process is to generate a shift in alignment that leads to a new consensus on issues and openings. Here we analyze the forces that will affect goals and vision. We examine the business model and differentiating factors that support an organization's competitive advantage. We help the group challenge current assumptions and identify the critical assets upon which it shapes its future. The strategic planning team produces a plan, which includes the organization's strategic direction, at least four potential scenarios, and outlines a map of goals. 

Framing Strategic Action: The goals of this phase are to ensure long-term sustainability of the process and strategies, identify possible partners and funding sources, develop work plans with defined responsibilities and timelines, ensure accountability, and design an approach to measure and evaluate progress. 

The entire process includes individual reflection, group design sessions, and mini- retreats that incorporate storytelling and visual mapping. 

Top Picture Credit - Ken Hubbell's 2016 oil painting, Be Like Earth-Be Awesome

Our Friends Have Great Things to Say

"I haven't had the opportunity to tell you what a great contribution you are making to the Native Round Tables. You are in precisely the right place to help make a significant and lasting impact. It is obvious to me that your heart is with this effort. As usual, you have demonstrated a deep commitment and passion for this work. You are truly a valued member of the team and we appreciate your direct contributions and sage advice. The hand drawn version of the graphic has received some good feedback concerning its usefulness and your talents in producing it. I want you to know how much I appreciate the 2030 Vision graphic. I am using it to convey the broad systems approach and how we can model the behavior we want other foundations to follow in supporting various segments of the model."

Anthony L. Genia
Senior Program Officer (ret.) - Northwest Area Foundation

The Art of Change Applied

To sharpen strategic philanthropy at Health East Care Foundation, we helped leaders collaborate with over 20 community organizations on the East Side of St. Paul, Minnesota. Meeting monthly, these partners shaped a roadmap for improving the health and well-being for those most vulnerable. Work groups distilled key issues into an integrated set of action strategies, which we framed in visual murals and Dashboards to help the group focus new investments and to design new grassroots programs.

Top Picture Credit: Ken Hubbell:

Be Like Earth - Be Awesome


Oil on Canvas (2016)