The Art of Change

Gain Insights Build Leadership Elevate Impact

Ken Hubbell and Associates provides strategic consulting services for nonprofits, public agencies, private foundations, and diverse coalitions of social change-makers. Our unique approach integrates art, soul, and system thinking to help clients sharpen insights for strategy, expand engagement and build leadership and elevate the social impact resulting from their work. This set of reinforcing benefits helps people and it creates truly innovative and resilient organizations. This is the core of our consulting practice.

Be Heard: We DRAW your vision

 To help your organization immediately benefit from the collaborative time in your planning meeting, Ken Hubbell draws your organization's vision during your session with Ken and your team. Ken makes sure every person is heard and their opinions are expressed through a visual medium- a visual future mapping. As a result, Ken's meetings are more effective for your organization. At left is a recent story of change developed by Alaskan leaders during our strategic planning with the University of Alaska.

Our Client Partners Address Educational Equity - Health -Mental Health- Hunger- Poverty Reduction or Workforce Resilience 

Since Ken Hubbell and Associates was established in 1992, we have collaborated with more than 80 clients across the world to produce successful, resilient and meaningful programs and initiatives that accelerated positive social change

We have been working to reduce challenging social gaps with national organizations like the PBS Broadcasting Network, Grantmakers for Children, Youth, and Families, and the Alliance to End Hunger; and regional ones: the HealthEast Care System (St. Paul); The Colorado Trust, and the Bush Foundation (Minneapolis) and the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (Little Rock). See our Clients 

We understand how leaders work through challenges to collaborate, innovate, and sustain important strategies. Looking ahead for the coming decade, we are intent on partnering around some big challenges, among them: 

  • Use technologies to revive communities and enhance innovation in organizations
  • Promote bold action across philanthropy to attack and solve nagging social issues at greater scale and to model reciprocal partnerships with other stakeholders 
  • ‍Create a greater sense of health and well-being in communities through collaboration between health care and all other sectors. 

If you would like more information on how you can join us in shaping a future of positive change, call us. We invite serious collaboration around these challenges. 

Top Picture Credit:   Ken Hubbell: Be Like Water: Ripple - Oil on Canvas (2016)