Planning for Success
in Four Potential Scenarios

If the Trump era is shaped by business vitality and polarization coupled with  dramatic reversals in the support for health, immigration, higher education and workforce development and affordable housing, we may see disruptive changes to the workforce and to community well-being. How will you adapt fast and be nimble in this climate?

Uptick Scenario

Strong hiring and business growth and plentiful construction underway coupled with new levels of cross-sector cooperation. There is a no-nonsense spirit of determination and optimism present though global tensions are ever present.

Treadmill Scenario

A transitional time, perhaps a regrouping or reloading after a period of setbacks or a stalled economy. Organizations with more limited assets will be stuck or nervously running in place to stay alive.

Prickly Heat Scenario

A period of strong hiring and investment (possibly from easing business taxes) in an increasingly fractious and polarized environment. Upheavals and reduced levels of health care (especially for mental health and elder care) and social supports.

Disorder Scenario

Could emerge as business conditions and markets plunge from a recession or economic slowdown. Sustaining services in a climate with shrinking resources could be very difficult.

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